I'm old fashioned in a lot of ways. I prefer sourdough to commercial yeast and hand-cranked car windows to unreliable buttons. And, for 6 years I ran a letterpress printing business where I used my actual hands to put actual paper into actual 100-year-old presses—and out came luscious, tactile, sensual pieces of art. So yeah, you could say I still have a thing for business cards.

If you have a bang-up digital presence and you can whip out a well-designed business card at an event, you're doing OK as a human. Bonus: you can still promote your online business after the zombies take out the power grid! Oh wait. Yeah...you might need to find another line of work. But hey! At least you have kindling.


(They aren't just for old farts.)

F$!#ing A! I love where you’re going with these thoughts, designs, and typography concepts. If this is what you’re selling, then this is what I’m buying.
— Bp2