So you've read the P45 Design Manifesto, yes? I get a little intense, especially when it comes to brand identity work. Great logos come from a deep place - not just a "What colors do you like?" kind of place, but a "What do you expect your three great successes as a business to be?" kind of place.

I guide all my clients through a 4 phase process:

  1. Brand Discovery & Strategy
  2. Brand Ideation & Creative Development
  3. Brand Extension & Implementation
  4. Brand Identity Kit Delivery & Hand-Off

Not only will you end up with all the tools you need for your brand to kick visual ass, but you'll learn new things about your business motivations along the way.


My logo has completely changed my business. Seriously - I have no idea what kind of magic you created, but everyone comments on it all time time and I truly couldn’t be happier.
— Genevieve Lauren Photography